"Believe it or not, when I first arrived at the One Step I a was shy, timid, introverted teen who would have never spoken up in the values I believed in for fear of causing conflict. Thanks to the One Step, I’ve blossomed into a social justice oriented person this world could need more of. I may be an introverted teen but I have developed a voice where there was a whisper prior. By building a supportive infrastructure and getting a feel for the people in my town, I have a greater sense of humanity and humility from where I come from. I am proud to be from Fillmore. I am proud to be a One Stepper." 

-A One Step Alumni



Our mission is to serve the communities of the Santa Clara Valley by providing a safe environment for 13-19 year olds and preparing informed, empowered youth who are equipped with the tools to lead; cultivate cultural awareness; bridge the gaps of inequality; and advocate for fair, just and healthy individuals and community.


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